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Find the perfect gift for that pet crazy person in your life

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that pet-lover in your life? You know who I’m talking about, that person (who you totally adore and would *never* judge… ever!) that loves their pet more than pretty much anything else. Movie tickets? Nup, I’ll hang with my dog thanks. Night at a fancy restaurant? Actually, my cat was looking a little lonely so maybe we can stay in.

I may over-identify with this person just a little, but that’s great because it means I can tell you exactly what they would love!


Pet Gift Box – Wildwood Studio

Unique and classy gift boxes that are sure to wow your pet lover. The contents of each gift box are carefully curated with high-quality items and presented beautifully. This gift option would suit not just as a surprise for a loved one, but as an alternative to those same ol’ corporate gift boxes for when you want to show you’re Really paying attention to the unique preferences of your pet-loving clients and associates.

“It was important to me to offer a furbaby range in my collection. I understand, from first-hand experience, that pets are part of our family and deserve treats from time to time. The furbaby boxes include goodies such as handmade treats, fashionable pet accessories and playful items that will entertain them for hours on end.

We have a strong philosophy of ethics in business and value sustainable practices and honesty, which is why Wildwood Studio donates a portion of all profits to local charities – including the Animal Protection Society.” ~ Wildwood Studio

A selection of high quality pet products displayed on a table as contents of a gift box

Wildwood Studio Furbaby Hamper Box – Image used with permission


Perth cat café – Cat lounge tickets

The Cat Café Puurth opened its doors to much in excitement in WA in 2016, and it continues to delight. A café and store are attached to the Cat Lounge which is populated by rescue kitties that you can hang out with. The cat enclosed area requires booking a ticket with options for half or full hour catty visitations, and different times of day are recommended if one wishes playful or sleepy, cuddly kitties.

“Nestled in The Cat Café Purrth, you will discover twelve resident cats, rescued from our partners at Cat Haven. These furry ambassadors to Animal Welfare will melt your heart while you relax with a coffee and dessert in our architecturally designed cat oasis.

Part proceeds of everything we do go to Cat Haven! Let’s be happy together, with all bookings at www.Purrth.com” ~ Purrth Cat Café

Cats sitting on shelves in cat cafe Perth

Purrth Cat Cafe – Image used with permission


Pet Portrait Tattoo – Jessica Holmes Tattoo

This option is obviously a big commitment and should be reserved for those pet lovers who already know this is exactly what they want. What a way for them to celebrate their pet though right?! Jessica specializes in pet portrait tattoos and even just a quick look at her Facebook page shows that she is a very popular artist in this genre. When my own Bear passed away Jessica was the person who helped me make sure he was always with me.

Perth tattoo artist Jessica Holmes posed holding a cat in her tattoo studio

Jessica Holmes Tattoo Artist in Perth, Specialises in ‘Cattoos’ – Image by Furry Hearts Photography


Pet Print Jewelry – Tiny Touch Jewelry

This precious keepsake gift requires a bit of pre-planning and a lot of sneakiness – which let’s be honest, is half the fun! Tiny Touch has an inkless print kit to record the image of the pet’s unique print. This is then transferred to any number of beautiful silver jewellery pieces that are no doubt destined to get a tear or two when your loved one opens it up.

Sterling silver pet print jewellery

Tiny Touch Jewellery – Image used with permission


Donation to an animal Charity

Last, but by no means least. If they love animals they will love knowing that a gift in their name has contributed to the welfare of animals in need. The pet lover in your life may already have a favourite animal charity they support or see the following list for some very deserving Perth organisations that offer donation gift vouchers:

Wish Animal Rescue Team

Shenton Park Dogs’ Home

Cat Haven