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For the Love of Long Dogs

I met 2yr old Frankie the Dachshund when her daddy Nick contacted me about a photoshoot present for his partner Sandra and Frankie who share a birthday. The human/Dachshund duo are virtually inseparable and they are equally obsessed with each other. The adoration abounded during this sweet, little photo shoot… both between Sandra and her Frankie; as well as from Nick over the two besotted ladies in his life.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a dashie nut’s house before but there are custom doors and ramps pretty much everywhere. Basically, the home is designed to accommodate everything the pint sized dashie doggo might need.

Living the life of long dog luxury, big-hearted Frankie gives her family a Great Dane sized love.

Frankie loves getting out and about with her family. Transforming into a flying furry at the local park is one of her favourite tricks.

Then, once some energy used up it’s time for a casual stroll down on the lakeside boardwalk. Just look out for the gaps in the planks!

Before enjoying one of the gorgeous sunsets Perth loves to show off with.

For the love of a long dog. Thank you to Nick and Sandra for allowing me into their home and life to share in the joy Frankie brings to their life xo

Perth has its own Long Dog club who get together for walks and en mass long dogging 🙂