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Devon Rex – Perth Rare Breeds Project

When I arrived at Charlotte’s home, mum Akasha led me into a room where Charlotte, her six-month-old Devon Rex, was hanging out with her son Xavier while he played video games. I literally gasped when I saw her, like a little jewel curled up in the middle of the bed in the most perfect puddle of light. Usually I spend a fair bit of time with my cat clients letting them get used to me before pulling out the camera, but this little girl looked up at me curious and unafraid, so I started photographing immediately.

Small Devon Rex kitten curled up in the middle of a large bed

A precious jewel

Devon Rex on a bed

Child and white Devon Rex on bed Perth WA

Xavier and his sister Charlotte

While curled up, Charlotte’s large ears dominated her look. Even when standing they are something impressive to behold! They top a small, triangle, pixie like face with big eyes, wide cheek bones, short curled whiskers, and pointed chin. All features typical of the Devon Rex. In the dim light her almost hairless appearance showed off her small and strong looking body, Charlotte was only just starting to show the Devon Rex crinkly curl to her short coat which was mainly visible as a slight texture along her back and legs.

Low key portrait of White Devon Rex

White Devon Rex keeping an eye on the photographer

“I’ve got my eye on you”

White Devon Rex sitting on a window sill

This photographer can’t get away with anything

Akasha is an animal rescue volunteer, loves cats, and badly wanted a cat for their family home. Despite working in a cat rescue, due to the extreme allergic reactions her husband suffers from, she sadly could not provide a home to any of the cats from her shelter. Extensive research revealed the Devon Rex breed as a good match for their family in both personality and in being a low allergen breed. While not specifically ‘hypoallergenic’, the Devon Rex is considered a suitable option for those looking for low allergy cats –  providing appropriate cleanliness in the environment is observed.

Close up portrait of white Devon Rex catBlack and white portrait of a sitting Devon RexWhite Devon Rex sitting on cabinet Perth
Charlotte came into Akasha’s family mid-2016. After not having much luck finding a suitable breeder locally, Akasha ventured interstate to find her new family member, Charlotte. At 10 weeks old the little Devon Rex was flown over to WA and unfortunately started life with her new family as a sickly little mite, spending her first four weeks with them recovering from cat flu. With plenty of love and care Charlotte is now a happy and healthy kitten that shows few signs, at least to my eyes, of such a challenging start.

White Devon Rex on black background Perth

“Yes, of course I can be bribed with food”

Throughout our photoshoot Charlotte was fun and engaging, and happy to show off for the camera. Her sturdy little legs running around and relentlessly playing with Xavier who proudly calls Charlotte his sister; after all, she is indeed part of the family. Devon Rex’s are said to be very affectionate and family oriented cats, wanting to be near and involved with their family as much as possible. In this Charlotte is very true to form and will never be too far away from her favourite humans.

White Devon Rex playing with mouse toyWhite Devon Rex clawing at rug

White Devon Rex crouching under a sofa

A moment of stillness during playtime with Xavier

Based on her experience with the delightful Charlotte, Akasha suggests the Devon Rex would suit someone that enjoys the constant companionship of an intelligent, mischievous and loving cat.

Many thanks to Akasha and family for inviting me into their home and for participating in the Perth Rare Breeds Project. Here are some more photos of Charlotte for you to enjoy…

White Devon Rex on black background Perth

Charlotte conveniently posing on a black glass coffee table in front of a black couch

White Devon Rex on black background Perth WA

Staring me down with her intense gaze

Portrait of a white Devon Rex against a black background

Bold and sassy… just how I like my cats.


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