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My adventures working with animal rescues.

Your house is my studio

There’s a few things I *really* love finding when I wander into a strange house for a photoshoot. A nice big window. A gentle puddle of smoothly wrapping light. A colourful armchair. Coordinating cushions and throw rugs. An incredibly so-cute-you-could-die roggie. This SharPei mix girl is Clover from WISH Animal Rescue xoxo

Mirrhi the Dingo

“I think she likes you” Ann says as Mirrhi steps a paw from the table to my shoulder so she can get a really good sniff All around my head before commencing an investigation down my top (where she saw me put my lens cap… don’t ask, curvy girls know the drill). “Oh yeah, she…

Meeting Lola

In 2013 I was trawling my facebook feed when I was halted by a gorgeous brown-eyed, brindle girl staring out at me accompanied by the words “needs foster care urgently, time up this week”. What was this? Why would a beautiful dog not have a home? How is it possible that an animal is actually…