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Am I the Pet Photographer for you?

One of the most important parts of choosing any sort of photographer is making sure that their style and way of working suits you and your needs. Sure, there might have been that one image that caught your eye and made you say “Yes!”, but let’s dig a little deeper and see if I really am the pet photographer for you.


Let’s Get Outdoors

You don’t want to be stuck in a studio, you want to head outside into the great outdoors. Perth is overflowing with stunning scenery to enjoy with your pet. So let’s make the most of it!

Tan Australian cattle dog on a beach with shells

Gem, the Kununurra cattle dog now enjoy life on the beach down in Perth


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Your home becomes my backdrop as we create unique and meaningful imagery. Whether it be finding that perfect light indoors or in the garden, this option is great for cats, exotic pets, property/rural-based animals, and infirm or reactive dogs.

A side view portrait of a Bengal with leopard style markings

Bazooka the Bengal, housebound kitty with a wild heart.



We walk, we explore, we get down, we get dirty (so leave the white pants and stilettos at home). We make the photoshoot a fun adventure and experience for all of us.



For the safety of your pet, all location pooch portraits are recommended to be done on lead; which can then be removed during post-processing. Off-lead shoots can be accommodated upon request where the location is a designated off-lead area.
Comparison od edited images of a dog with lead and a dog with lead photoshopped out



When gorgeous light and natural, vibrant colours are where it’s at. I’m your gal for those perfectly illuminated moments.


Natural & Beautiful

Drawing from many years working as an animal rescue volunteer and foster carer I approach animal interaction from a position of patience and mutual respect. I work with your pet in a calm, responsive manner that results in gently posed and candid style portraits.
Small black and white dog on a bush walk track in Dianella.



Part of what you help create through our photoshoot planning consult is a custom experience that is built around the unique personality and needs of your pets.



Beautiful portraits for your pet as well as their people. Because “family” means everyone, and they are happiest when they are with you.

Family on a picnic rug with their dog at sunset

Furries + Families



You want to create tangible, beautiful memories through photographic artwork that uses high-quality products and supports local printing and framing craftspeople.
Pet photography wall art over a blue couch



You also want the comfort of knowing you have possession of the digital archive file of your treasured artwork safe in case of disaster. As well as versions to share with your friends and family over the web.
Does any (or all!) of this sound like you? Then we might just be the perfect fit.

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