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5 beautiful Perth locations to explore with your dog right now!

Five beautiful perth locations blog

It’s no surprise for those of us living in Perth – Western Australia, that it is a very spread out city spanning a massive 6,500 square kms. So, whether you are a Northie or a Southie there is a good chance that you haven’t had a chance to visit many of Perth’s hidden natural gems.

As a mobile pet photographer, I’m all over this city and its surrounds seeing beautiful places most people might never know existed. In this blog post, I have shortlisted 5 of Perth’s most scenic places to explore with your pup. So, get out there and enjoy being a tourist in your own city for a day!

A note on my rating system:

Lead/Off Lead – please be aware that even in posted “Off Lead” areas it is a legal requirement that your dog is under effective control at all times. My general rule during my photoshoots is if in doubt, the lead stays on.

Dog Activity Level – * = Low  ***** = High.

This might affect both you and your dog. This rating lets you know the level of activity required to explore and enjoy this location. One star indicates the opportunity for a fairly sedate experience, whereas 5 stars will let you know that this location is up for the challenge of a very active dog (and owner).

Dog Sociability Level – * = Low  ***** = High.

Think about the social personality of your dog. Is your dog best when there aren’t too many other dogs around (Low Dog Sociability Level) or is your dog super chilled with pretty much every situation (High Dog Sociability Level)?



City of Joondalup

WOODVALE, 60 Woodvale Drive

Parking & Access:  Accessible from Woodvale Drive in Woodvale, or parking via Ocean Reef Road to access ruins. Wide, fairly level paths through the park with some off path trails available for a bit more adventure.

On Lead (though many people ignore this)

Dog Activity Level  *

Dog Sociability Level  **

Best Season – All seasons

Location Highlights:

This nature corridor runs from Joondalup Lake to Hepburn Ave in Greenwood. Dogs are permitted on lead, though if you have a shy dog be aware that plenty of people ignore that requirement.

The Beenyup Swamp access had a short walk to the beautiful wetlands boardwalk, shaded by mature paperbark trees, it is a unique kind of Aussie beauty (and a few people have said it feels a little spooky there too).

A short walk further along a wide and clearly defined path will take you to a large open grassland section, this also had tracks through it, but they are more like goat tracks in some places. The height and colour of the grasses change during the year, sometimes quite dramatically between one week and the next.

Past the grassland section, you’ll find some reconstructed ruins that tend to be very popular no matter what time of day.

That is just a few of the many beautiful features of that small section of Yellagonga. So, grab your doggo and get out there to enjoy the great outdoors yourself!

Be Aware of:

This is tiger snake country so please be careful with your pupster in long grass and when off the main path.

Small tan dog on timber boardwalk at Beenyup Swamp

Beenyup Swamp Boardwalk, lined by classic Aussie paperbark trees and lush wetlands.

Ibis in wetlands at Beenyup Swamp

A wetlands native – the Ibis in Beenyup Swamp

Portrait of dog looking up at his owner.

Dappled back light literally makes your pup shine!

Family walking across field towards old ruined building at Yellagonga Regional Park

The ruins in a paddock most easily accessed from Ocean Reef Rd parking lot.

Dog sitting on a rug with her family at Yellagonga Regional Park

Plenty of large gum trees filter Perth’s gorgeously golden afternoon light.

Family of four walking through grasslands with two dogs at Yellagonga Regional Park

Open grasslands that change in colour and length through the seasons.



City of Gosnells

GOSNELLS, 2120 Albany Highway

Parking & Access: The car park is accessible from Mills Road West. There is the main car park at the front of the civic centre or just behind the building a bit further down Mills Road West there is a smaller carpark with more direct access to the gardens including Accessible parking bays.

On Lead

Dog Activity Level  *

Dog Sociability Level  **

Best Time of Year: All Seasons

Location Highlights:

These are lovely manicured gardens with winding, tree-lined pathways and even a small lake that plays host to many different types of ducks. Small timber jetties around the lake, stepped rock terraces and all sorts of nooks and crannies provide plenty of pretty spots to walk through or simply sit and enjoy.

For those feeling a little more adventurous, behind the gardens is a bright red bridge that takes you over the river and into the extensive Pioneer Park bush walk trails and playgrounds.

The gardens themselves also have picnic benches and BBQ facilities if you wanted to make a day of it or wander VIA the pioneer walk trails through to the shops and cafes along the main Gosnells strip. These riverside suburbs in our south-east have so many delightful little gems like this!

Be Aware of:

The gardens are often quiet though if continuing through to the Pioneer Park trails it is much busier the closer you get to the Gosnells shopping strip. There is a very large and popular children’s playground along the main trail which always seems to be a hive of activity. So, if your doggo tends to prefer the quieter life then stick to the gardens area.

Dog sitting on a tree lined path

The lovely tree-lined, winding pathways through the gardens.

Riley the dog standing on the lakeside investigating the ducks.

If your pup is a water baby, be warned there is a Very tempting lake there with Lots of ducks!

Cattle dog taking in the view at the Gosnells Civic Centre Gardens

Rock terraces to climb and get a better view of the landscaping.



City of Cockburn

NORTH COOGEE, Mc Taggart Cove

Parking & Access: Spacious carpark (though can get quite full in peak times) with ramp access down to the grassed reserve. Short sand path walk to the beach with a slight rise over the dunes.

On Lead in carpark and grassed area, Off Lead on beach

Dog Activity Level  ***

Dog Sociability Level  ****

Best Time of Year: All Seasons, though early mornings in the Summer are my favourite time.

Location Highlights:

The grassed reserve area prior to entering the beach is well kept and there is plenty of room. Public toilets, BBQs, picnic tables and some undercover areas make this a great place for a doggie date outing if your pup is of the sociable kind.

Early morning along the beach shore is often quiet and you may get the whole beach to yourself for a little bit if you fancy getting there for sunrise. The generally calm waters are perfect for dogs not keen on big waves and rough surf… great for the little ones that just want to paddle.

The north end of the dog beach is some interesting ruins of a jetty and the remains of a shipwreck which is exposed at low tide. From the southern end of the beach you can see the now dilapidated South Fremantle Power Station.

Be Aware of:

Snakes are always a possibility in the dunes at the beach, both Dugites and Tigers can be found along our Perth coastlines. There have been reports of tiger snakes seen in the shipwreck ruins so be aware if you plan to get a closer look.

If your dog isn’t highly sociable I would recommend visiting the beach at off peak times.

Shipwreck at Coogee Beach

Low tide exposes the fantastic shipwreck ruins and old jetty

Couple walking their dog on Coogee Beach

Early morning walks can see you with the whole beach to yourself

Fremantle Power Station from Coogee Dog Beach

At the southern end of the beach you get views of the old power station

Dog laying down in the dunes at Coogee Beach

Laying down in the cool sand on the dunes after a beach run.

Dog walking along the sand at Coogee Beach

The calm shoreline at Coogee Beach is perfect for pups not keen on rough surf.



City of Stirling

GWELUP, Huntriss Road

Parking & Access: Lake Gwelup has many parking option all around the perimeter. From bitumen carpark off Huntriss Rd, to verge side parking available along Segrave St.

On Lead in carpark and grassed area, Off Lead on beach

Dog Activity Level  **

Dog Sociability Level  ***

Best Time of Year: Best seen when the lake is full and birdlife abundant through Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

Location Highlights:

Lake Gwelup is a large and diverse reserve. From Huntriss Rd you can access a large grassed area for running and exercising your dog, this is set back from the road which makes it a bit safer for off-lead play though it is not an enclosed area.

A timber boardwalk on the south-west side of the lake wanders through the wetlands and extends out over the Lake Gwelup for beautiful views, particularly at sunrise and sunset times. Alternatively, there are wide, well-maintained paths traversing around the lake and surrounding reserve, these wind in amongst trees and parklands and are easily travelled by bikes and prams.

Be Aware of:

The birdlife around Lake Gwelup is very populous, so if your pup can’t avoid the temptation of taking off after the odd duck then consider keeping them on lead during your walk.

Dachshund running

The open grassed area is perfect for running as fast as your little legs take you.

Lake Gwelup boardwalk

Wander above the wetlands enjoying the local flora and fauna.

Lake Gwelup boardwalk

The boardwalk provides beautiful views over Lake Gwelup.

Dachshund in the woods

Lakeside wooded areas are nice for some safe exploring with your pup.


5. RIVERSIDE GARDENS (Bayswater Dog Park)

City of Bayswater

BAYSWATER, Leake Street

Parking & Access:

Parking is accessible from both Leake Street and King William Street. Mostly shaded verge side parking or there is a bitumen carpark just south of the main grassed area.

On Lead in carpark and grassed area, Off Lead on beach

Dog Activity Level  ***

Dog Sociability Level  *****

Best Time of Year: All Seasons

Location Highlights:

There is a reason why this is one of the most popular centrally located dog parks. Large grassed areas, lots of walk paths, fenced play area for the non-furry kiddos, BBQ’s, picnic benches, public toilets, coffee van (always crowded… because coffee), a riverside beach, and more.

If you have a sociable pup then they are going to absolutely love Riverside Gardens. There is so much to do and every time I go there I am blown away by how many dogs are running around looking deliriously happy!

The little riverside white sand beach cove is perfect for the water babies, it also has a jetty that extends out into the river if you want to wander out and get some city views. Or if your pup is mad for running and fetching then the extensive grassed areas are guaranteed to wear them out. Or simply go for a gentle wander along the wide pathways and enjoy the riverside views.

An hour before sunset sees the park clearing out somewhat and becomes a lovely spot for an early picnic dinner relaxing with your dogs and glass of wine.

Be Aware of:

This is doggie social central; All the dogs seem to need to go up and say high to All the other dogs no matter if anyone is on lead or not. So, if your pup is dog shy be aware that you’re not going to be able to keep them successfully separated from other pooches for long and prepare accordingly.

Vizsla at Riverside Gardens Bayswater

Find well-shaded paths to explore all around the park.

Riverside Gardens beach and jetty

Lovely riverside soft sandy beach for the water babies.

Elis House Bayswater

Explore the bushland boardwalk tucked in behind Elis House.

Elis House boardwalk Riverside Gardens

The park is big enough that there are still a few places that you can get some time alone with your pup.