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A Hippo in Perth

So I’m a ceiling fixer by trade. And like any trade that means that at home I still have walls to build, un-sanded flushing, and decorating of said walls to do.

Just like a mechanic’s significant other’s car being desperately in need of a service or the plumber with a dripping bathroom tap, I really don’t get enough “proper” pictures of my own pets.

The thing is that it’s hard getting pictures of your own pet. As soon as you get down to that awesome angle on the floor they get up and trundle over for a face lick. When they’re lying oh so peacefully in the most glorious light ever and you get up to get a camera… they move. Because you moved. Because their awareness and world revolves around being aware of you and responding to it.

This is actually part of the reason I started photographing other people’s pets… because it’s damn hard to get the picture you want of your pet yourself.

So it really is great being able to capture the odd amazing moment of my own furries. This is my rescue baby. My “foster fail”… Hippo, looking glorious perched high on a rock as she likes to do.

SharPei dog on a rock backlit at sunset

Geez I love this girl

SharPei dog on a rock backlit at sunset